Please let me know what you think of my site and collection. If you noticed any errors or something that looks out of place please let me know, I want to make it better and your input and comments would help heaps!
10/12/2010 04:56:02 pm

Dope site<33333

So clean and nice, I love it. You have so much more than I thought; the quality of your pictures is orgasmic as well. Nice shiz mang :]

10/12/2010 08:44:03 pm

You make me feel like my site is pure shit! Haha nice work dude, its way better than I expected. Your collection is too! You've got a few things to add soon ;)

10/12/2010 11:27:33 pm

I'm embarassed and have to re-do my site. Thanks Stan.

Awesome job, though.

25/12/2010 05:37:05 pm

hey mate, im jealous of your collection! and your site is very well made.. keep it coming! :)

2/4/2011 02:28:15 pm

Wow! I´m Extremely Impressed, This Is My Favorite Site, Congratulations! Amigo, See Ya.

1/6/2011 06:20:34 am

Hello, your collection is amazing. Can you please tell me where can I buy BLINK 182 - FEELING THIS WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR? Thank you

17/8/2011 10:30:02 pm

Very nice collection and site!! love it.
I also own Short Bus, but not the message of hope insert :(
I'm trying to figure out the lyrics of the Iconoclasts songs, could you send me a picture of that side of the insert?
I would really appreciate it.

18/8/2011 10:02:27 pm

@ Steev: Sent you a scan mate, hope it helps.

21/8/2011 07:17:09 am

Wow. BIG collection ! Amazing Pre 182 Stuff. I had to change my underwear by watch all the promo, and rare tapes

24/8/2011 04:01:03 pm

Really Cool Collection.

7/9/2011 03:56:52 am

Hey dude, do you know where i can get the untitled tour edition cd? i've got the pink and the green version and i want that version to have all colors (so as i know there are)
I think your collection is rad! Also know a guy who has an original Flyswatter.


15/11/2011 07:42:40 pm

your collection is absolutely incredible! I'd say I was jealous, but I'm too amazed. What an effort to get all that together! So impressed, please keep it up!!

22/12/2011 05:40:12 pm

awesome collection...great work!

24/12/2011 11:49:19 am

I just downloaded a zip called "Buddha promo" that contains 8 tracks. It's a fake zip or it's official? It seems to be a demo sessions. Songs are: princess leia, the girl next door, strung out, ben wah balls, does my breath smell, voyeur, wasting time, don't

24/12/2011 06:37:54 pm

@ Mark: Hey dude, I'm not really sure what that downlaod is, I have seen it around myself, but yeah I have no idea. Maybe you should come to the Blink forum I have on my home page, maybe someone there will have a better idea mate. The Official Buddha Demo has 15 tracks, you can see 'em all on my Buddha > Cassettes page man. It is similar to the remastered version, except it doesn't have Don't or The Girl Next Door. Instead it has an early version of Degenerate and 2 joke songs, The Family Next Door and Transvestite.

25/12/2011 01:19:41 am

Check it:

I think it isn't fan made, because some songs are exclusive of this tape.

26/12/2011 12:44:50 pm

@ Mark: Yeah I really don't know man. I haven't ever seen a phyical release of this. I think you are right though. I'll ask some of the guys on the forum and see what they think.

5/3/2012 08:46:37 pm

oh my god this is amazing!!!
also do you know anywhere i can get those undies from, ive been looking everywhere for them.
well don again on your collection :)

11/3/2012 04:30:13 pm


And sorry, I don't know of anywhere or anyone that currently has them for sale. Out of all of my items, those are the things I get asked about the most =P

I'll let you know If I find anymore though.

10/3/2012 08:27:30 am

hey man can you put thoose two songs called Lazy and One Hit Wonder on youtube

11/3/2012 04:34:25 pm

From the 'Dancing With Myself' 12"?

I don't currently have a turntable to play them, I only really have these for their collectable value, but I would eventually like to get one. When I do I'll rip them and upload them though mate.

15/3/2012 01:41:13 pm

thanks man

15/3/2012 01:44:50 pm

tell me when or if you do my email is or add me on facebook and message me cheers

16/3/2012 05:10:11 am

great collection and nice website !

8/6/2012 10:53:38 pm

hey i was wondering where i could get some of the 'Feeling This' undies for a friend, or if i can get them off you?

31/7/2012 07:33:58 pm

Sorry man, no idea :/

These are the most inquired about item of mine by far lol. I bought them from Go Merch in '09, one of Blink's old official merch sites before Bompa. I haven't seen any for sale lately though, and don't know any other collectors that have a pair for sale either sorry mate.

Good luck finding them though. Maybe just try heaps of random old merch sites and you may find someone that has a pair laying around. Otherwise eBay I guess.

26/7/2012 06:53:58 am

Love the site, and love your new buddha tape, I saw one on the fourm with a red tint cassette, if it's not sold, you should go for it too :P

31/7/2012 07:35:23 pm

Thanks mate!

Yeah that was posted a while back. I'm not sure whatever happened to that badboy though. Would definitely have like to try for it though.

mark flores
31/7/2012 07:55:47 am

hey i have a question about my dude ranch album please email me at it has a weird dot on the back cover right in the middle of marks chin i think it might be a misprint but i want to know for shure thanks

16/9/2012 06:59:39 am

Hey man love the collection! It's so sick! I was wondering if you were willing to sell your 2002 pop disaster poster or know anyone that is? Just let me know .
Thanks dude!

16/9/2012 06:41:47 pm

Thanks mate!

Sorry though, that isn't for sale, and I don't know of anyone that currently has one for sale. You could try asking at our forum as I know a couple of people there have the poster aswell, maybe someone would be willing to sell. Or there's always eBay, but I haven't seent hem on there often.

17/9/2012 02:00:52 am

Yeah man I posted on there yesterday. I stumbled across your site as well as the other forum looking for that poster. Hopefully someone will have one that they our willing to sell. I haven't had any luck on eBay. I've found a flyer for that show but it's only black and white. How often do you see these posters pop up?

17/11/2012 03:02:00 pm

Yeah not very often man, they're pretty hard to come across these days. Keep an eye out though and you might get lucky!

5/11/2012 12:29:18 pm

Hey, nice site

Would you be selling the Feeling This? Singlet at any time?

17/11/2012 03:00:33 pm

Hey, nah sorry, that is the only one I have and it isn't currently for sale. The only items that I have for sale are in the 'For Sale/Offers' section of my site. Cheers.

23/5/2013 08:23:22 am

Re: the Chuck Sperry poster, you mentioned the first 10 were for VIPs only. I just got number 9 off of eBay, but the edition number is just blank. Any idea how to tell the posters sold by Sperry apart from the posters sold by Blink, aside from the edition number?

24/5/2013 05:52:50 pm

Hey dude, the first 10 posters reserved for VIP's was just a rough rule of thumb I believe, I have heard of some people getting posters from 1 -10, I think it just depended on which poster. Anyway, the difference between the band and artist editions of Chuck Sperrys poster is that the artist edition is printed with a metallic ink as compared to the band editions matte ink.

Let me know what you've got mate.

29/5/2013 02:39:59 am

Artist apparently, the ink is definitely metallic. :D

29/5/2013 06:46:42 pm

Awesome! That is definitely the nicer and more valuable of the 2 mate.

17/6/2013 08:03:54 pm

hey Stan, do you have any more info on your Skankin' Bunny jacket? i just picked one up off of ebay and cant find any info on it anywhere online. i was just curious if you knew its origin.


17/6/2013 08:19:23 pm

Hey man,

To be honest I'm not really sure, I've never looked in to it too much. I just eMailed Blink's merch dude though, I think he was around when it was released, so hopefully he can get back to me with some info.

23/6/2013 05:29:04 pm

It was sold during the Poo-Poo Pee-Pee tour back in '98 dude. Hope this helps.

24/6/2013 07:24:56 am

thanks a ton. this bad boy should come in the mail tomorrow.

6/10/2013 03:55:48 am

Hey Stan! I'm a huge (hed)p.e. fan so i'm very interested in the (hed)p.e. part of that Westwood cd. Is there any way I can get my hands on that one? Thanks a bunch!

Jordan Meeks
14/11/2013 12:01:55 pm

hi there. i was just wondering if you might be selling the blink 182 blanket

1/10/2014 04:23:29 am

hey great site! as someone who was in the san diego scene during those early years and was friendly with the band (i'm even in the josie video), i thought i would offer some comments.


your listing for "BLINK - BUDDHA DEMO - 1ST EDITION" appears to not be authentic. no copies of buddha were EVER pressed without lettering on the cassette, and the insert was only ever photocopied on colored paper. you can tell that the insert pictured was copied from an original that was on colored paper, because there is a grey cast of distortion on it. the second tape you have pictured looks authentic though (i bought mine at a blink show in 1994 from pat himself). there were two versions of artwork, not three.

show flyers:

both the UL show flyer and the cheshire cat promo dates are from 1995. i was at several of those shows. cheshire cat was not released on CD until february 1995 (the cassette shipped just before the end of the year), despite being stamped "1994." this might have contributed to the confusion here.


i had this sticker on my car for years!!


still on my car now.

also, very cool to see the name change documents. i was at the last show at SOMA in the summer of 1995 when they announced to the crowd that the name change was official. great memories.

1/9/2015 01:23:29 pm

This is really cool information. I'm jealous of a lot of this... San Diego in the mid 90s was a great time to grow up

Austin Morgan
4/8/2015 03:50:57 pm

Will you be willing to sell the Cheshire Cat handicap sticker? The one that has the blink-182 logo and not the ones that just say blink?

Grant Swisher
15/9/2015 08:39:10 am

I have been looking everywhere for an XL long sleeve take off your pants and jacket shirt and would give you a fair price at your discretion to buy yours.

18/9/2015 06:01:52 am

Hey Stan, what year for this shirt its gildan tag OR it bootleg pls help me

This is picture

Thanks a lot for helping me

18/9/2015 09:33:23 am

or email me pls

18/9/2015 10:22:08 am

bootleg shirt

18/9/2015 11:52:22 pm

Thanks a lot dave
have you ever seen this shirt before ??


If you know what year is it
sorry for interrupting on you

19/9/2015 12:44:40 am

both authentic as far as i can tell

Kid Dynamite
26/12/2015 12:42:30 am

Hey Stan,
What about the pressings of the they came to conquer Uranus vinyl? To My knowledge the First press was on Black vinyl not on blue and the word "GOLDEN" is etched in the Matrix of Side A. The Problem is, there are so many different informations about the pressing of Tctcu. The Hand numbered thing...i think this is a thing of ebay sellers to get higher bids. Look at your Black vinyls for the word Golden...then its the First press

8/10/2016 06:22:43 pm

Sir I really enjoyed your site I just needed to ask for my wife she want able to get the 2012 Halloween shirt ave I was wondering if there is any way I could purchase the small one you have my email is please let me know I would love to surprise her with it

2/11/2016 08:18:50 pm

Hi! Do you have for sale or know where I can get the blink black smiley hat? Thanks!

21/12/2016 05:21:15 am


Would you be willing to sell the "Blink 182 - I Won't Be Home For Christmas - European Promo CD Single"?

- Dan

27/12/2016 05:56:08 pm

I need your help appraising a shirt I have. It's the exact one you have that says Rodeo on it but it's a tan color. I can't find anything about the shirt except for what you have here on your site. Thank you!

4/6/2017 03:20:14 am

Hi what is the value of the lunch box? I can't seem to find one for sale online.


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